Russell Wilson and Ciara Talk About Their Baby, Win, And Recall Fun Night When President Obama Tells Russell To Put A Ring On Ciara

Russell Wilson and Ciara Talk About Their Baby, Win, And Recall Fun Night When President Obama Tells Russell To Put A Ring On Ciara

Russell Wilson and Ciara were recently on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. They talked about their son, Win, and his personality. It seems so far, Win is like his pops. Like Super Bowl winning father, like son.

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“He’s amazing, Win is so energetic, he’s all over the place,” Ciara said. “I definitely think he has dad gene’s running all running through him. He’s ready to play right now, he’s ready to rock and roll, it’s a lot of fun. Our hands are tied.”

Russell and Ciara also celebrated their anniversary recently! Russell detailed when they first met, how he moved a schedule back to see Ciara and how he fell in love with her that day.

The duo recalled a fun, special night on one of their first dates involving President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama.

“One of our first dates was to honor the prime minister of Japan…it was a special night, it was very fun, it was very presidential,” Ciara said. “It was a good time. It was really memorable.”

“That night was a special night because we were dancing, Prince was performing, Stevie Wonder gets up on stage, but the crazy thing is…fast forward, end of the night, gets late, and they got the DJ playing and they’re playing (a) Beyonce song…they talkin’ about gotta’ put a ring on (it),” Russell said.

Ciara chimed in with the song title, ‘Single Ladies’ by Beyonce.

“Obama comes up to me and Michelle’s next to C, Barack’s next to me, and next thing you know, he’s all in my face with the ring, ‘You better put a ring on it’,” Russell said. “So, I’m like okay, now…I’m getting challenged by Barack Obama, the President of the United States is telling me I gotta’ put a ring on (it).”

Russell and Ciara also talked about the fashion house that Jimmy asked them about.

The House of LR&C (‘Love’, ‘Respect’, & ‘Care as Ciara mentioned to Jimmy), according to its site, “was built to democratize retail and redefine the way the fashion industry works, to make it inclusive, community-led and, above all, to create large scale positive change. It began when Russell Wilson and Ciara combined their passion for design and fashion with the retail acumen of mentor and friend, Christine Day, to create The House of LR&C in 2020. This past year the world has shown that genuine compassion, connectivity, and doing Good for our planet are the keys to creating a new way forward.”

According to the House of LR&C site: “3% of every purchase goes towards mentoring a child through their formative years to ensure they are supported to achieve their goals. This 3% is given to the Why Not You Foundation first ahead of company profits.”

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