Want To Know What Russell Wilson And Ciara Do The First Thing In The Morning Together? Read This To Find Out

Want To Know What Russell Wilson And Ciara Do The First Thing In The Morning Together? Read This To Find Out

Want To Know What Russell Wilson And Ciara Do The First Thing In The Morning Together? Read This To Find Out

Russell Wilson: Super Bowl champion, seven-time Pro Bowl selection, 2020 Walter Payton Man of the Year.

Ciara: Multiplatinum, Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter, whose music surpassed over 2 billion streams, selling over 23 million records and 22 million singles worldwide (per ABC).

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The two together equates to a marriage in the spotlight. Yet, it’s what happens behind the scenes, what most people don’t see behind the curtain – backstage, if you will, where the real work happens to make this marriage thrive and be successful.

They both strive to be great in their careers. That same spirit and attitude applies to their marriage, wanting their marriage to be great, respecting and loving each other.

To have a mutual wanting each other to succeed and succeed together type of marriage is healthy and something to strive for. It may take a long journey to wait for that someone but the wait is well worth it. It’s way better than the alternative of settling for a relationship or marriage based on what’s just comfortable. There’s growth in the uncomfortable times of singleness to grow and better yourself as a person just as your future spouse is bettering theirselves so when you are ready for each other, you’ll just know.

For Russell and Ciara, they “began dating…in 2015, and they married on July 6, 2016” (per Biography.com). They knew.

The married couple was recently featured in GQ where they talked about their marriage. The cover story was by Zach Baron, who detailed what the couple does together in the morning.

GQ: “The first thing Russell Wilson and Ciara do together in the morning—right around 6 a.m., after one kid or another has chosen to wake them up—is pray”

“The prayer is always the same: They say thank you for the day,” Baron said. “They set their intentions. They ask that the day be great. In football season, they do this in Seattle, where Wilson plays quarterback for the Seahawks and they have a house overlooking Lake Washington. In the off-season, it might be at their house in Los Angeles—if they have business there, which Ciara, now going on her second decade of pop stardom, often does—or at their house in San Diego (‘our home away from home’), or if they’re looking for a little more fun, their house in Mexico. And you know what? Usually it’s a great day.”

“It’s always a blast that we get to do love together,” Wilson says via GQ.

The feature goes in to how they really are a true team unit together.

Wilson has his team on the field, trying to win a Super Bowl together, while Ciara has her team to try and make hit records, but this marriage team they have together is top priority for this married couple.

“Wilson and Ciara have businesses together, fashion brands, fragrances, a charitable foundation, LLCs,” Baron said. “…They go on Twitter and give relationship advice based on Wilson and Ciara’s relationship: I don’t know who needs to hear this, but Ciara didn’t pray for a man, she prayed for herself.

It’s not always easy. Like any great marriage, it takes work. It takes commitment. It takes loyalty, faithfulness, and mutual service to one another. Bettering yourself so you can be better for each other. By not looking only for your own interests but for the interests of the other. By putting yourself in each other’s shoes to understand and embrace differences that come with living with your spouse who’s a completely different person day-in and day-out, while all the while truly loving each other and being each other’s best friend and support.

Russell and Ciara talk about how when that adversity comes, how they handle it.

“You have to be able to accept the challenges and the tough times, too, because it really catapults you to the best version of you,” Wilson says via GQ. “And I really, fundamentally believe that. I think that any great artist, or painter, or inventor, or leader, or creator, or anybody, it’s not usually the first attempt…I think it was Thomas Edison, maybe, who talked about 10,000 light bulbs. That’s how many light bulbs it took to get to the right light bulb, you know? When you think about all that, how many times does it take to get to the right special moment, to get to that perfect place? If it was so easy to get to perfection, everybody would do it. That’s why you aspire to make the perfect light bulb.”

“Ciara says she once got a piece of advice from Wilson that has aided her ever since,” Baron said. “It’s (Scripture)—James 1: 2–4.”

Consider it pure joy when you face trials and tribulations. He told me that when I was in a really, really tough space. It was a tough time I was going through. And when he said that to me…’Consider it pure joy when you face trials and tribulations of many kinds, for the testing of your faith produces perseverance—’to consider it pure joy in your lowest or your toughest moment, I just thought about that. For me a switch went off: What I’m going through is for a reason. Consider it pure joy. And I’ve been there before, where I’ve had to tap into faith. When I’m crying out and not knowing fully what the light looks like at the end of the tunnel, but believing in the light at the end of the tunnel. And it allowed me to smile after I cry. The trials that we face in life are really what build our integrity. It’s really what shapes us: Consider it pure joy. Because there’s got to be something great on the other side of this.”

Ciara said to GQ
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