Want To Train Live With 12-Time Olympic Medalist Ryan Lochte As He Prepares For 2021 Tokyo Olympics? You Can With The Launch Of 'Loch'd In Training'

Want To Train Live With 12-Time Olympic Medalist Ryan Lochte As He Prepares For 2021 Tokyo Olympics? You Can With The Launch Of ‘Loch’d In Training’

Want To Train Live With 12-Time Olympic Medalist Ryan Lochte As He Prepares For 2021 Tokyo Olympics? You Can With The Launch Of ‘Loch’d In Training’

We know, life can be busy. Balancing quality time with your significant other, family, loved ones, and friends with the hustle and bustle of work, school, or training. It’s something even an Olympian can understand.

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Twelve-time Olympic medalist, four-time Olympian, 12-time US National champion, and world record holder swimmer Ryan Lochte gets it.

“It’s hard juggling because I want to be the best dad,” Lochte told People in an exclusive. “After I’m done with practice, I can’t go home and take a nap. I have to be ‘Super Dad’ when I get home. A lot of my competitors do recovery and stuff like that, but I’m limited because my most important thing is being a dad…I’m doing it for them. I want to show them that in life, you’re going to get knocked down, but it’s how you get up and how you keep moving forward that’s going to define you as a person.”

It also appears Lochte’s got an accountability partner who motivates him to keep training for the Olympics in his wife.

“There’s been times when I don’t want to wake up and go to the swimming pool, but she kicks my (butt) out of the bed and is like, ‘You’re going to practice…(you’ve) got a job to do,’ ” Lochte said to People. “She’s been my rock. I’ve been through a lot of tough times and she’s been right there pushing me, keeping my head up and motivating me to just become a better person. We’re a good team.”

Now, Lochte can be your virtual workout buddy at home as he chose to start up a program where you can join him and his workouts live. It’s called Loch’d In Training.

“I’m so pumped to launch @lochdintraining !” Lochte said in an Instagram post. “I’m training as hard as ever to get ready for Tokyo, but fitness is always a huge part of my life and I want to share that with you!…You can join me, my trainer Kyle and a bunch of my friends as we get in the best shape of our lives…the best part is that you can literally train LIVE with me as I get ready for Tokyo…You don’t have to do all the swimming – but you can work on getting those swimmer abs. Let’s get #LochdIn and prove that age is just a number.”

Lochte said now that he has two kids of his own, his “time is limited”. So, Lochte said he needs efficiency and speed so he can “get in, get out, get it done, so I can go home and be super dad”, which is seemingly what these workouts entail.

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