Stephen and Ayesha Curry Take Their Oldest Child to Black Lives Matter Protest: 'What Will You Have Them Retain?'

Stephen and Ayesha Curry Take Their Oldest Child to Black Lives Matter Protest: ‘What Will You Have Them Retain?’

Stephen and Ayesha Curry Take Their Oldest Child to Black Lives Matter Protest: ‘What Will You Have Them Retain?’

“What will you have them retain?” Ayesha Curry, celebrity chef, and Stephen Curry‘s wife, asks other parents on Instagram. The question comes with the parents of three revealing that they took their oldest daughter, 7-year-old Riley Curry, to a Black Lives Matter protest.

Along with stunning black and white photos of Riley on her back while she and Stephen march alongside thousands of others in response to recent and past instances of racism, police brutality, and social injustice of the black community, Ayesha asked that one simple question. What are we allowing our kids to learn from these historic movements.

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“The kids are watching, listening and learning,” the mom of three began. “What will you have them retain? Let’s get it right for them so they don’t have to for their children.” She then included the hashtag, “We are the cure.”

“This is what family and leadership is all about. Your kids get to see you as the leaders you are. It’s the best gift in the world,” one commenter wrote. “Your family is such an amazing example of black resilience and love,” another added.

In a separate post, Ayesha shared another message about how she was feeling as a mother and a member of the black community during the protest they attended. “Today was filled with many emotions. On one hand I was overwhelmed with happiness to see my community show up, yet again to fight for what is right.”

“My happiness then became overshadowed with immense sadness and disbelief. I began to come to the realization that we were walking the same streets, the same path, and course that we’ve taken time and time again for the championship parades. Celebrating “victory”… streets lined with hundreds of thousands of fans cheering on and congratulating many (and most) of whom are black men. People show up and show out for these moments.”

Admittedly, Ayesha “where all of these people were now, that just a few years before lined and covered the streets to celebrate in these black men’s successes.”

“I promise you, in this moment, right now… this is the victory and the celebration you want to be telling your children and your children’s children about. Lastly, please please please vote! We can protest, shout from the rooftops but the missing puzzle piece is the vote. Let’s do it,” she concluded.

And Stephen also shared a video from the protest as well.

”Today was a movement in Oakland! Thank you @juanonjuan10 for the leadership. Everybody play your role and be consistent with it. This is a real moment of change. Keep each other accountable. ‘It is our duty to fight for our freedom. It is our duty to win. We must love and support each other. We have nothing to lose but our chains,'” the basketball star wrote.

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