The Truth Behind Dolphin’s Owner, Stephen Ross’, $13 Million Donation to Fight Systemic Racism

Dolphin’s owner, Stephen Ross, just announced that over the next four years, he will donate $13 million to RISE to fight for racial equity and social justice.

RISE was established in 2015 by Stephen Ross to create change through sports: “I saw a unique opportunity to harness the unifying power of sports, produce real change and create a new paradigm. Sports brings together athletes, coaches and fans of all races, uniting us with shared experiences and common goals that allow us to transcend our differences,” -Stephen Ross.

Ross has gathered a lot of support from different athletes and owners, including NFL Executive Vice President of football operations, Troy Vincent: “During this time of national unrest, many individuals have stepped up to being part of the solution. Stephen continues to dedicate his time, resources, and vision, as he has for decades, in an unwavering commitment to ending racism partnership with the leadership, heart, and influence of athletes globally.”

However, Ross has faced backlash, especially from former Dolphin’s and current Texan’s receiver, Kenny Stills.

In August 2019, Ross hosted a $250,000-a-plate-fundraiser luncheon for President Donald Trump at his home in New York. The then Dolphin’s receiver, Kenny Stills, said “Someone has to have enough courage to let him know he can’t play both sides of this.” 

Kenny Stills and Stephen Ross
@kstills “We must act – for you – and for all of those where no cameras are present.” (Source)

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Ross responded, saying that he and Trump had been friends for 40 years and that while they agree on some things, they “strongly disagree on many others.”

Stills was then traded to the Texans three weeks later.

Recently, after Stephen Ross committed the $13 million to RISE, Stills tweeted, “Donation to his non profit = Tax write off.”

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