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Tiger Woods, 46, Withdraws From Tournament After Suffering Foot Injury

After experiencing an unexpected foot injury, golf legend Tiger Woods decided not to participate in the Hero World Challenge over the weekend.

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“In my preparation and practice for this week’s Hero World Challenge, I’ve developed plantar fasciitis in my right foot, which is making it difficult to walk,” the athlete wrote in a statement issued on social media. “After consulting
with my doctors and trainers, I have decided to withdraw this week and focus on my hosting duties. My plan is still to compete in The Match and PNC Championship.”

Plantar fasciitis is a disease that affects the tissue that connects the heel bone to the toes. The tissue becomes inflamed and generates pain throughout the heel, often making it difficult to walk. Due to the pain, Woods was experiencing, he decided it was best for him to sit this tournament out.

Although he shared his upcoming plan to participate at the PNC Championship, the golfer has been candid with himself and admitted that he isn’t sure how much longer he will be playing. According to Associated Press, Woods recently expressed the sentiments, “I don’t have much left in this leg.”

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Per the athlete himself, he described his plantar fasciitis as the result of his car crash, which happened in February of 2021. Following the complete devastation of his motor vehicle, the 46-year-old left the accident barely able to move. After months of physical therapy, he slowly regained his ability to walk. However, the more he walked to regain strength in his feet, the worse his condition got.

Tiger Woods only has one or two more championships left to play

“When you get plantar fasciitis, the worst thing you can do is walk, and I was walking more and more and more, trying to get my legs ready for this event, and I just kept making it worse,” he explained. “So had to shut it down.”

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As of now, he plans to take a brief period of rest before embarking on future tournaments. However, Woods understands that his physical health may not allow for more than one or two championships. “The goal is to play just the major championships and maybe one or two more. That’s it. Physically, that’s all I can do,” he said.

Woods proceeded to add the sentiments, “I mean, I don’t have much left in this leg, so gear up for the biggest ones and hopefully, lightning catches in a bottle and I’m up there in contention with a chance to win, and hopefully, I remember how to do that.”

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