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Legendary quarterback and seven-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady recently gave his thoughts on his public image, specifically focusing on how he treats his body and post-retirement plans.

Typically, when athletes hit 30, their body naturally declines, and keeping up with a physically demanding job can be difficult. Yet, Brady hasn’t slowed down yet, which he attributes to taking care of his body. The 44-year-old football star is among the best athletes in history and the world is well aware of how his strict diet and intense routine allow him to continue a career in the NFL.

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Although he teased at retirement following this past season, the decision was reversed after only two months and Brady confirmed he would be returning to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for his 22nd season. During an interview with media outlet TODAY, the athlete shared with Craig Morgan and Dylan Dreyer that his continuation in football is not to appease fans, but for his personal love of the game.

“This is a game for young people. I just think competitively, I felt like I got to give it another chance,” he said. As he added details behind his decision to continue his career, he listed the aspects of playing football that push him to be a better person.

Tom Brady discusses the emotional and physical impact football has had on him over the years

Brady expressed the sentiments, “It’s mostly love of the game, for sure… Football challenges you in every way. There’s a physical preparation. There’s a mental aspect to the game where you’re learning and figuring out how to get the best out of yourself and your teammates. And then I would say there’s an emotional part where how do I bring my best every day for my teammates?”

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Due to this love for the game, Brady said that keeping his body in shape became a priority. “Part of why I think I feel strongly about health, nutrition is because it’s really allowed me to continue to do what I love to do,” he relayed. “Had I not taken care of my body, you know, I would have been a very typical athlete that by the time you reach 30, you’re on a sharp decline.”

Brady also touched base on his plans to broadcast with Fox after he officially retires. Although he acknowledged the little experience he has in the broadcasting booth, he seemed excited about the upcoming challenge.

He commented, “I know that I’m coming in as kind of a rookie to this, but I know I’m going to work extremely hard, like I always do. I still think there’s a lot of things that I’ve learned over my professional career that will carry over to a different career.”

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