Tom Brady, 45, is ALWAYS Welcome to Return to the New England Patriots

Tom Brady, 45, is ALWAYS Welcome to Return to the New England Patriots

According to Tom Brady’s former teammate Rob Gronkowski, the seven-time Super Bowl champion will always have a spot on the New England Patriots.

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45-year-old quarterback Tom Brady is known worldwide as the athlete who has defied all odds. Given his strict diet, exemplary attitude toward his physical health, and playing football well past the typical age, he is known as a true legend. When he began his professional career over 20 years ago, people did not think much of him. However, as he continuously defied the odds, he became known as a household name.

His legendary career began with the New England Patriots and he stayed loyal to them for the majority of his time in the NFL. After winning six Super Bowls with them, since 2000, Brady moved on to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers where he has remained ever since. Yet, his former teammate Rob Gronkowski insists that the quarterback will always have a place in New England, regardless of where he stands in the NFL.

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In fact, when Gronkowski reflected on Brady’s current rocky season with Tampa Bay, he told Fox News that the Patriots would likely take him back in a heartbeat. “I mean, if Tom really wanted to, I’m sure that it would be all open arms to go back to New England. I would just have to say all parties would need to want it,” the retired NFL star said. “But he has the opportunity to go wherever he would love to go. It’s Tom Brady.”

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“If he wanted to go back home to the San Francisco 49ers, I’m sure that would be open,” Gronkowski continued. “If he wanted to go back home to the Patriots, I’m sure those doors would be open. If he 100% wants to stay in Tampa Bay, those doors would be wide open. It’s all on him.”

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Brady’s future remains up in the air for the 2023 season, especially considering his latest games with the Buccaneers. Although it is clear he can be with any team he wants, Gronkowski said it would also be nice for him to jump-start his retirement and join his team at Fox.

“He can weigh out every option, whatever team he wants to play for, or if he wants to go in that booth and come join me, and we can be, you know, the tag team champions in the world…You know, he’s a commentator; I’m an analyst. We’re going back and forth a little bit with each other. That would be a lot of fun,” he shared.

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