Gisele Bündchen, 42, Admits She Watched Tom Brady's Final NFL Season

Former NFL Super Star Tony Romo Faces Backlash For Outstandingly Strange Comment Directed at Tom Brady’s Wife

Tony Romo, the former quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys and current NFL analyst, has recently faced scrutiny for his outwardly disturbing behavior directed at Tom Brady’s wife. When the Tampa Bay Buccaneers had to negotiate what to give a fan in exchange for a historic ball, Romo suggested that they give him a date with Brady’s supermodel wife.

In the 101 years since the establishment of the National Football League, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback became the first player in history to complete a 600th touchdown pass. However, the ball was quickly ushered away by Mike Evans, who has typically given away touchdown balls and was unaware of the significance.

Former NFL Super Star Tony Romo Faces Backlash For Outstandingly Strange Comment Directed at Tom Brady's Wife
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The ball was handed to an unsuspecting fan, 29-year-old Bryon Kennedy, who received two signed jerseys and a helmet from Brady, a signed Mike Evans jersey as well as game cleats, $1,000 store credit at the Bucs’ team store, and two season passes in exchange for the ball. Yet, Romo had a more colorful idea that he disclosed on television: Tom Brady’s wife, Gisele Bündchen.

“A date with Gisele. A date with Gisele and I’m in,” Romo said, pretending to be the fan in question. The former Cowboy then went on to pose as a Bucs officiator and stated, “OK, Tom will do it. One time, you got it.”

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What did fans have to say about the actions of Tony Romo?

Gisele Bündchen is incredibly accomplished. Not only is she a full-time mother, but she is also a businesswoman, a supermodel, an environmentalist, and even a best-selling author. Despite all of this, Romo seemed to only see her in an incredibly closed-minded light. So much so that he faced serious backlash from fans on social media.

Former NFL Super Star Tony Romo Faces Backlash For Outstandingly Strange Comment Directed at Tom Brady's Wife
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“Tony Romo suggesting Brady trade a date with his wife for his 600th TD ball is just weird/borderline creepy. Dude is a good broadcaster but so awkward sometimes,” one fan tweeted out. Another person included the sentiments, “Why do we need to listen to @tonyromo fantasize about trading a football for ‘a day with Giselle’? What does Mr. Romo presume would happen with Gisele during that day she has been traded like property for a football.”

One person even shared the shocking phrase, “Tony Romo talking about another man’s wife like that should get his a– beat.”

Tom and Gisele are yet to comment on the actions of the former Dallas Cowboy, but it wouldn’t be surprising to find that they aren’t exactly pleased about the whole situation.

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