Report: Washington Football Team 'Paid A Former Female Employee $1.6 Million' In Confidential Settlement For Her Accusation Of Owner Daniel Snyder's 'Sexual Misconduct'

Report: Washington Football Team ‘Paid A Former Female Employee $1.6 Million’ In Confidential Settlement For Her Accusation Of Owner Daniel Snyder’s ‘Sexual Misconduct’

Report: Washington Football Team ‘Paid A Former Female Employee $1.6 Million’ In Confidential Settlement For Her Accusation Of Owner Daniel Snyder’s ‘Sexual Misconduct’

If you thought it couldn’t get worse with the Washington Football Team after what’s been a year of changing its mascot and having its share of quarterback controversy, think again. A report by The Washington Post states that:

“The Washington Football Team paid a female former employee $1.6 million as part of a confidential settlement in 2009, according to a copy of the agreement reviewed by The Washington Post. The settlement was struck after the woman accused team owner Daniel Snyder of sexual misconduct, a person familiar with the matter said.”

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The sexual misconduct alleged incident happened on Snyder’s private plane and the owner’s business partners called it a “serious accusation of sexual misconduct” according to the Washington Post.

To sum that up for you, a NFL team, The Washington Football Team, reportedly paid $1.6 million to a former female employee to keep quiet (both parties, the team and accuser) over her alleged sexual misconduct accusation of team owner Daniel Snyder.

If the allegations are true, this is so wrong and the NFL should listen and take action to not condone this type of behavior, especially in a leadership-type position. But, there is unfortunately additional disturbing news that was recently divulged. According to NBC Sports Pro Football Talk, reportedly “the NFL knew about the settlement in 2009, the year that it was negotiated”.

PFT also said “in written testimony submitted to a federal court last week, Snyder claimed that the allegations were investigated by an outside law firm, that no wrongdoing was found, and that an insurance company chose to settle the claim”.

The Washington Post also noted that this news came about “as the NFL conducts an investigation into sexual harassment inside the organization he has owned since 1999. That investigation was launched amid multiple Post reports detailing allegations of incidents in the team’s workplace.”

This news stuck a chord with many, including former NFL quarterback Dan Orlovsky.

Orlovsky: “The other 31 NFL owners shouldn’t allow Dan Snyder to be an owner anymore”

Matt Miller, a NFL Draft scout, thought the Haskins story at the time was getting more attention than this one.

Miller: “The NFL has to force Snyder to sell”

PTI also seems to think so:

ESPN’s Mina Kimes asks will Snyder also have to face consequences, just like Haskins did.

“Dwayne Haskins screwed up, it’s likely he’ll suffer consequences…But will Daniel Snyder?” Kimes said.

Earlier in the year, here’s more context from that other news just mentioned, that per The Washington Post “15 female (Washington Football Team) employees allege sexual harassment”:

According to the Capital Journal (WSJ Politics), the NFL brought in a former US Attorney General to “help investigate allegations of misconduct among the owners of the Washington Football Team”:

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