Unforgettable Wholesome Moment Between 2 Baseball Fans Goes Viral

Viral Wholesome Moment Between Two Baseball Fans Will Make You Tear Up

Although catching a baseball game is enjoyable no matter the circumstances, the entertainment factor is boosted when a heartwarming moment is shared between two fans in the stands. In a game between the New York Yankees and the Toronto Blue Jays, MLB fans had no problem admitting a viral wholesome moment made them shed tears. 

The world knows Aaron Judge for his powerhouse hitting abilities, so it was no surprise when the Yankees outfielder popped a homer directly into the stands of Toronto’s Rogers Centre during the 6th inning.

Viral Wholesome Moment Between Two Baseball Fans Will Make You Tear Up
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The ball landed perfectly in front of a Blue Jays fan, and the Toronto fan had no problem picking up the ball and pocketing it. However, when he noticed a young boy behind him in Yankees memorabilia and a Judge jersey, handing the boy the ball felt more than necessary. 

After picking it up and noticing the boy, the Blue Jays fan instantly handed it to the little kid. Shock and awe evident in the child’s eyes, the boy wrapped the kind stranger in an all-engulfing hug to showcase his gratitude. 

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Major League Baseball’s Aaron Judge reacts to the wholesome viral incident

The incredible moment caught the attention of the baseball world, including star player Aaron Judge. After tracking down nine-year-old Derek Rodriguez, the outfielder reached out and offered him a meet and greet. In addition, Mike Lanzillotta, the Blue Jays fan who initially caught the ball, was also given the chance to meet the icon. 

Although there is no doubt Rodriguez will never forget this moment, Judge shared that it was an event he will never forget either. “It was a special moment,” the baseball player shared, according to Sports Illustrated.

Viral Wholesome Moment Between Two Baseball Fans Will Make You Tear Up
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He added, “A Blue Jays fan, to have that moment with a young Yankee fan, that’s a moment that’s been around the world now. It speaks volumes to the Blue Jays fans they have here, it’s a cool little connection they got.”

In addition, Judge discussed the significant impact seeing children wear his jersey has. Making connections between his own childhood experiences, and seeing people wear his jersey always shows how far his passion for baseball has advanced.

“That still gives me goosebumps to this day, to see little kids wearing my number, wearing my jersey,” he commented. “I used to be in his position, that little kid, rooting on my favorite players and teams. That was a pretty cool moment that I definitely won’t forget.”

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