25 Medieval Baby Names for Girls You Probably Already Know and Love

In search of the perfect, unique baby name? Looking for a list of classic baby names that still pack a modern punch? Looking for baby names by country of origin? Mamas Uncut publishes hundreds of curated and themed baby name lists. Here are a few of our favorite baby names from one of their most recent lists . Take a look and see if the perfect name jumps out for you.


25 Medieval Baby Names for Girls You Probably Already Love

The Biblical name, Susan which means “lily” or “rose” in Hebrew wasn’t found in England until the 12th century. While it’s extremely popular today, things didn’t really take off for this name with English speakers until the 16th century.


25 Medieval Baby Names for Girls You Probably Already Love

Elia is the feminine form of Elias and was wildly popular for fair ladies of the day. The old Latin form Elya, which was adopted from Hebrew, fell out of fashion and French speakers went with Helia while the English dropped the “H” and settled on Elia. The name means “God has answered.”


25 Medieval Baby Names for Girls You Probably Already Love

If you want to get fun with it, the name can also be spelled with an accent: Renée. It’s a feminine form Rene that the French popularized. It belonged to all sorts of important folks of the time including a legendary 5th-century saint, a 15th-century king of Naples, and a 16th-century prince of Orange. The name means “reborn.”

We love these trending baby names. Do you? We encourage you to check out the full list at Mamas Uncut and then start perusing more of their expertly-curated baby name lists for ideas, information, and more.

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