Cleveland Star, Francisco Lindor, Traded to Mets 2

Cleveland Star, Francisco Lindor, Traded to Mets

Cleveland Star, Francisco Lindor, Traded to Mets

This Thursday, the New York Mets made their first big move of the offseason, trading with the Cleveland Indians for star shortstop, Francisco Lindor, and veteran pitcher, Carlos Carrasco. In return, the Mets gave the Indians infielders, Amed Rosario and Andres Gimenez, in addition to 2 prospects. 

This move was beneficial for both teams, as the Indians freed up some space in their payroll, while getting 4 young players, and the Mets got one of the best shortstops in the league, and a solid starting pitcher. 

While many Indians fans are angry, as the face of their organization who they had spent 6 years developing is leaving, Lindor’s departure was inevitable. The Indians, a low payroll team, simply did not have the money to keep him, so they just waited until they saw a trade they thought would be the best for them. Lindor still has 1 year left on his contract, but the Mets are most likely going to give him a very large contract when this one expires.

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The New York Mets are expected to spend a lot of money going forward, as they have a new owner, hedge fund owner, Steven Cohen. Cohen has already changed up the Mets management and re-signed Mets like Marcus Stromen and Noah Syndergaard, in addition to signing catcher, James McCann, and pitcher, Trevor May, from free agency. With a few more pitching acquisitions, the Mets could be serious World Series contenders this season.

The Indians also benefited off of this trade. While it is obviously terrible to trade the face of your franchise, the Indians had made many offers to Lindor, all of which he refused. If the Indians held onto him longer, he could have left for free agency, or the Indians could have ended up trading him in desperation for nothing in return, so at least they got something for their star. Indians fans are feeling what other low payroll teams like the A’s and Rays fans have felt many times before, sadness at losing their star, but for the Indians, it’s not all bad.

From trading away Clevenger last year, and now Lindor, the Indians have a great class of prospects, in addition to a lot of freed up payroll. Moving forward, the Indians can work to develop new prospects, and sign a few free agents, in order to put themselves into playoff contention. Of course, if any of their prospects end up being elite, they will have to trade them away and start again, so goes the saga of the low payroll teams.

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