How To Motivate Kids In Sports?

How Can You Get Kids To Hustle In Sports?

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QUESTION: How Can You Get Kids To Hustle In Sports?

“I have a 7-year-old who plays soccer, but I seriously go insane watching him play. He is so blah about it! Granted I’m very competitive and he is more chill by nature, but how do I get him to really want it ? How can you get kids to hustle in sports?”

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How Can You Get Kids To Hustle In Sports?

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“I think the real question is how do I approach my son to see if he’s enjoying playing soccer? And how do I manage my own emotions?”

“Find a sport or extracurricular activity that he actually shows passion and enthusiasm for. If he isn’t really into soccer and only playing because he thinks it is what you want or because it is what you want. Even if he “likes” soccer it doesn’t mean he truly enjoys playing it and in turn, won’t put his best into it. Talk to him and find out if it is truly what he enjoys and wants.”

“Maybe he doesn’t enjoy it? I would ask him. If not do something he wants. A lot of times kids think they want to do a sport but end up not liking it. Don’t push him he may not like it.”

“You don’t. You can’t project yourself, your wants, or your competitive nature onto your child. The time for you to live your dreams is during your hobbies, not on your child’s soccer field.”

“This happened with me recently and my son. He didn’t care and would even dance on the field. He has always loved football. He just started football and his passion for it makes him strive so hard. Whereas before he could care less, now he does 2 intense hours of practice a night with no complaints.”

“Sports just might not be his thing or at least soccer might not be for him. Find a sport he likes. Also, keep in mind some kids do better at sports where it’s mostly just them competing like swimming or golf.”

“Does he enjoy Soccer? My daughter is very blah when it comes to most things, but she really enjoyed and put her all into cheer. Maybe find something he actually likes. Maybe he would be better off in something less competitive.”

“It’s about him, not you, having a good time, learning to follow the coach’s directions, and being a team player is what a 7-year-old should be doing.”

“Sounds like he is not really into the sport. When he finds what he likes he will shine. Maybe sit down and talk with him about what he likes and try those sports. He may just not like to play sports at all. But you cannot force him or want him to play at your level, he is still very young. Just find out what really interests him and bring your competitive level way down. It will all work out.”

“You can’t force a kid to have a passion about something. We are all different, unique people. If he isn’t very inspired by the sport then ask him what he WOULD be inspired to do. Brace yourself – because it may not be a sport at all. It might be art or music or even just learning – or anything else.”

“If he’s not into it, it’s not going to happen. Maybe there is another sport he’d like to play instead.”

“Maybe he just doesn’t like to compete. My son started wrestling at 4 he did 3 seasons and we’re on the fence if we’ll have him do it again. I’m thinking of having him try track or gymnastics. He’s not a very competitive.”

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