Former NFL Star Peyton Manning, 45, Discusses His Next Big Plans

Former NFL Star Peyton Manning, 45, Discusses His Next Big Plans

Despite being retired from professional football for six years, former quarterback Peyton Manning is still making a lasting impact on the NFL.

The ex-Denver Broncos quarterback can be seen in a special Super Bowl commercial appearance this Sunday, February 13th alongside actor Steve Buscemi and a handful of other professional athletes.

Former NFL Star Peyton Manning, 45, Discusses His Next Big Plans
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“I think everybody will get a kick out seeing all these different athletes — both male and female athletes — hanging out with some beers, bowling for some friendly competition,” Manning explained when he discussed his involvement in the project with news outlet PEOPLE.

He additionally included the sentiments, “Even though I’m not playing, [I] still feel like I’m actually a part of the Super Bowl.”

The 45-year-old also shared that when projects like these arise, he is reminded, “to enjoy the journey and not just the destination,” particularly in relation to growing up. he reflected on his experience in the NFL and even expressed that he hopes the younger generation of athletes are taking the time to appreciate the experience while it is ongoing.

“I think about [quarterbacks] Joe Burrow and Matthew Stafford, and I hope they’re taking the time to soak it in. I hope they’re not, like, ‘Hey, let’s get to the moment and fast forward through this,'” Manning stated.

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He added, “Come Super Bowl time, I think about those moments of joy that I experienced when I was playing and I hope they are getting them too, knowing they’re about to play in this game.”

Peyton Manning on Saturday Night Live!

Since his retirement, Manning has by no means been radio silent. In fact, he and his brother Eli still sit down during the NFL season and give play-by-play commentary during Monday night football. In addition, it seems as if his acting career is taking off, and not just because of his Super Bowl commercial appearance.

Last week, the host of ManningCast was the host of Saturday Night Live’s segment Weekend Update. During the skit, he detailed his experience watching the hit Netflix show Emily in Paris, which was hilarious.

He discussed his experience on set and shared with Jimmy Fallon, “I didn’t really know what the idea was going to be until Friday and they sent me this concept. And they said, ‘What about you doing a skit about watching Emily in Paris?’ And I said, ‘Let’s go for it, let’s do it!’ It was fun to do.”

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