Super Bowl Winning Head Coach Sean McVay, 36, Discusses Early Retirement

Super Bowl Winning Head Coach Sean McVay, 36, Discusses Early Retirement

Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay has admitted that he doesn’t know what his future in the NFL entails. Despite his young age, retirement may be in store.

“I know I love football and I’m so invested in this thing and I’m in the moment right now,” the 36-year-old coach said over the weekend, according to CBS. “But at some point, too, if you said, ‘What do you want to be able to do?’ I want to be able to have a family, and I want to be able to spend time with them.”

McVay, who made history as the youngest head coach in the NFL when he signed o to coach the Rams, just added a Super Bowl title to his credentials. Despite his talent for coaching, the profession is very demanding. Alongside him, many players and coaches are beginning a trend of ‘early retirement’, in which this generation is gradually stepping away from the sport after limited playing/coaching time.

“The burnout factor is very real,” one NFL coaching agent commented. Expressing similar sentiments as McVay, the insider shared, “And many of this generation of coaches are more in tune to what would be required of them at home if they want to play a meaningful role in the lives of their kids. I believe there is an evolution of sorts going on with that. I can see that.”

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Another anonymous NFL source held expressed a similar opinion. As time progresses, it is projected that coaching or playing for extended periods of time will decrease.

“I just don’t see in this day and age, with the money (for head coaches) the way it is and with how it’s been built up over the last 10 years … you’re not going to see coaches coach that long,” the source shared. “Certainly, not as long as they have in the past. It’s wearing on them, the lifestyle and the grind can swallow you up, and if you are lucky enough to have won a Super Bowl, you are really ahead of the deal.”

What does Sean McVay’s future with the Los Angeles Rams look like?

Super Bowl Winning Head Coach Sean McVay, 36, Discusses Early Retirement
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Given McVay just lead his team to a Super Bowl victory against the Cincinnati Bengals, he explained to the Los Angeles Times that right now would be the ideal time to step away from the NFL.

“We’ll see,” McVay said when discussing his future. However, he did contend, “I love coaching. I’m just so excited about this moment right now.”

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