'Christmas With The Curry's': Steph And Ayesha Curry Donate Groceries, Gift Cards, Books To Families, Surprise Busy Mother Helping Other Moms Out During Pandemic By Distributing Millions Of Diapers

‘Christmas With The Curry’s’: Steph And Ayesha Curry Donate Groceries, Gift Cards, Books To Families, Surprise Busy Mother Helping Other Moms Out During Pandemic By Distributing Millions Of Diapers

During what’s been a difficult year for so many families, including countless mothers, the Curry’s decided they wanted to give back this Christmas season, spreading joy.

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As part of Steph Curry‘s “A Gift of Joy”, partnering with Rakuten, this was another edition of Steph bringing a surprise guest to help give out a gift to “deserving individuals across the country who have been impacted by the pandemic”.

Steph’s guest this time? None other than his wife, “restaurateur, chef and New York Times bestselling author”, Ayesha Curry.

The Curry’s chose to help out a non-profit staff member of Help A Mother Out, whose mission is to “improve baby and family well being by increasing access to diapers for families in need”.

Lisa Troung, founder of Help A Mother Out, nominated Kai to receive the surprise.

“She’s one of the unsung heroes of this pandemic,” Troung said. “She started with the organization two weeks before our shelter-in-place orders. She’s been able to distribute over one million diapers a month to Bay Area families. The Gift of Joy is going to make a big impact with Kai and her family because they don’t really have extended family in the area with those resources they’ll be able to get a little bit of respite from the childcare duties and work duties. And hopefully just have a little self-care time.”

Kai thought she was going to be interviewing for a documentary but instead, Ayesha Curry surprised Kai in a video call.

“You are such (an) amazing mom,” Ayesha told Kai. “I’ve heard about everything that you do and you’re so inspiring. I really just wanted to…give you a personal thanks…I know how challenging it is to have kids at home right now and maintain work and helping other mothers at your job.”

Ayesha surprised Kai and her family with $10,000 for childcare services from Steph, Ayesha, and Rakuten. Along with that gift, Ayesha told Kai she’d also be getting an Ayesha Curry signed cookbook, a gift certificate to have a night out at International Smoke, and a signed jersey from Steph.

“I feel really, really blessed right now,” Kai said. “…I feel like this is the result of working really hard…and I just can’t believe that people like that are in the world are giving back with everything that’s going on right now, that people are just being good people…this is going to help a lot…I just really feel thankful right now.”

Along with surprising a mom whose worked hard, the Curry’s also recently held their annual Christmas With The Curry’s event:

“What a day to remember!” Eat Learn Play’s Twitter post said. “On Saturday, the #EatLearnPlay team was joined alongside our co-founders, Stephen Curry and Ayesha Curry as we held our annual #ChristmasWithTheCurrys Holiday food and gift distribution in the safest manner possible”.

Eat Learn Play said they “provided 1,000 families with $250 gift cards, as well as groceries, restaurant meals, fresh produce, books, and boxes full of incredible gifts provided by our great partners”.

“We along with our entire team at Eat. Learn. Play. understand the importance of early childhood education, especially when it comes to literacy,” Stephen and Ayesha Curry told People in a People exclusive statement. “Nothing is more basic, more essential, more foundational, or more important to a child’s success in life than the ability to read well. We know there is a lot of work to be done, but with partners like Literati, we’re hopeful that we will be able to make an impact on these children’s lives.”

What a way to spread Christmas cheer for all to hear.

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