Baker Mayfield Reportedly Sets Record For Longest NFL Pass Attempt

Baker Mayfield Reportedly Sets Record For Longest NFL Pass Attempt

Baker Mayfield Reportedly Sets Record For Longest NFL Pass Attempt

Ready, set, hut. Go long!

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When it comes to a ‘Hail Mary’ play in football, you know that the quarterback steps back to pass after the ball is snapped, waits for his receivers to get near the end zone, and chucks the ball up.

It’s also a go-to play for fun in Madden.

In real life, it usually happens with seconds to spare on the clock to close a half or a game.

In this particular case, a record was set by Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield in a Monday Night Football game hosting the Ravens.

With seconds left on the clock in the second quarter, Mayfield launched a pass up that was the longest pass attempt Pro Football Focus says they ever charted.

Watching this pass frame-by-frame, you can see Mayfield motions with his arms at the Browns’ 34-yard line to his teammates down the field that to go in a certain direction because the dude’s about to chuck this thing.

It looks like Mayfield starts winding up to throw at the 35-yard line, takes four yards to step into the throw, then tosses it from the 39-yard-line.

“Mayfield airing it out, guy’s got a gun,” ESPN play-by-play announcer Steve Levy said as he was calling this play.

The throw went towards the back of the end zone. So far that a Ravens defender was backtracking it and didn’t see the goal post in front of him, accidentally running into it.

Mayfield’s throw was over 70 yards according to The Checkdown.

That guy’s got a cannon of an arm! That’s almost at Uncle Rico from “Napoleon Dynamite” range:

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