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Dick Vitale Diagnosed With 2nd Type of Cancer: ‘Doctors Have Now Confirmed It’s Lymphoma’

Dick Vitale, ESPN sportscaster and former basketball coach, has shared an update on his health. The 82-year-old revealed to the world that just after a few months of his initial cancer diagnosis, the doctors have detected another form of cancer in his system.

“For the second time in just a few months, I’ve been diagnosed with a form of cancer. As a result of some symptoms I’ve had in recent weeks, I’ve been undergoing tests and doctors have now confirmed it’s lymphoma,” the sportscaster wrote in an essay he published to ESPN Front Row.

Dick Vitale Diagnosed With 2nd Type of Cancer: 'Doctors Have Now Confirmed It's Lymphoma'
Dick Vitale / Instagram

In August, Vitale announced that he was dealing with a melanoma diagnosis, which since has been totally cleared. While his initial diagnosis seems to be in remission, the lymphoma comes with more challenging treatment options. Thankfully, the New Jersey native has a projected recovery rate and he shared his upcoming plans for recovery.

“The plan is to treat my lymphoma with steroids and six months of chemotherapy,” he stated. Vitale went on to share, “The medical experts tell me it has a 90-percent cure rate. They say I can continue to work so I will have to manage my work schedule around my chemo schedule as they will monitor my test results along the way.”

Dick Vitale opens up about the struggles of undergoing cancer treatments

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It s no surprise that treating cancer is both a physically demanding process and emotionally challenging. Vitale acknowledges this in his essay and wrote, “It can bring you to your knees. It’s physically and emotionally exhausting. It robs you of so many things, including life itself for some of the most unfortunate patients.”

However, Vitale has no plans of giving up or forfeiting to the illness. “I will fight with all my heart in dealing with the chemo and want to get back stronger than ever so I can live out my promise to one of my,” he commented.

Dick Vitale Diagnosed With 2nd Type of Cancer: 'Doctors Have Now Confirmed It's Lymphoma'
Dick Vitale / Instagram

The sportscaster then went on to give his regards to his family, friends, and support system that have given the strength to battle his illness. Vitale stated, “I am lucky and blessed to have a great team of medical experts along with wonderful family support. I am also blessed to work with so many in my second family, ESPN.”

His closing statement read, “If you see me, please just give me a fist bump and say a prayer that I can return from being 82 years old to acting like I’m 12. Thanks so much for your love.”

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