20 of the Longest Winning Streak in Sports History

20 of the Longest Winning Streak in Sports History

Winning doesn’t come easy in any sport, so it takes a special and talented team to put together the longest winning streak in sports history. It requires consistency, execution at its finest, and unrelenting determination. It’s truly amazing what’s possible when you don’t give up on yourself. 

It doesn’t matter what sport you play, there’s one common goal for everyone involved — win. Don’t get me wrong, individual stats and records are nice, but they’ll never replace the rewarding feeling you receive after a win — especially the longest winning streak in sports history.

When you think about it, there are so many things that can go wrong over the course of a game, let alone a streak of games, which is what makes the longest winning streak in sports history such an incredible accomplishment. You need things to go your way every single night. 

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Who Owns the Longest Winning Streak in Sports History?

20 of the Longest Winning Streak in Sports History
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As we meander our way to the longest winning streak in sports history, we’re going to touch base on a wide range of different sports — including hockey, soccer, football, basketball, track and field, baseball, and even some squash. There’s a lot to cover, so prepare yourself!

We’re also going to take a look at a wide range of levels, including professional sports, college sports, Olympic sports, and even high school sports. You might remember witnessing some of these winning streaks, but there will also be some winning streaks that take you by surprise. 

There will be some winning streaks that don’t quite crack our list, but the streaks below are some of the most impressive, as well as the longest. Without further ado, let’s take a look at which teams or individuals have put together the longest winning streak in sports history!

20. Pittsburgh Penguins

Sport: NHL (hockey)

Year: 1992-93 season

Streak: 17-game winning streak

From March 9th to April 10th, the Pittsburgh Penguins put together a win streak of 17 games — the longest winning streak in NHL history. The streak began with a 3-2 win against the Boston Bruins and ended with a 6-6 tie in the regular season finale against the New Jersey Devils. 

While there were no shutouts during the 17-game winning streak, the Penguins did score more than five goals in 10 of those games — including a nine-goal game against the Philadelphia Flyers and two 10-goal performances against the Hartford Whalers and New York Rangers.

19. New England Patriots

Sport: NFL (football)

Year: 2003-2004

Streak: 21-game winning streak

The New England Patriots entered Week 5 of the 2003 season with a 2-2 record. In a game against the Tennessee Titans on October 5th, 2003, the Patriots began what would become the longest winning streak in NFL history. New England didn’t lose a game until October 31, 2004. 

The Patriots ended up closing out the 2003 regular season with 12-straight wins and continued that dominance into the playoffs, winning all three of their playoff games to be named champion. Already on a 15-game winning streak, they opened the 2004 season with six-straight victories. 

18. New York Giants

Sport: MLB (baseball)

Year: 1916 season

Streak: 26-game winning streak

The New York Giants started off the 1916 season with a 2-13 record through the first 15 games, but followed that with a 17-game win streak. Later in that same season, they put on another streaky display, winning 26 straight games from September 7th until September 30th. 

It’s important to note that they did tie once in the middle of that streak, but it wasn’t a loss — so the streak is still valid. The game that ended the incredible streak was an 8-3 loss to the Boston Braves. It was the second half of a double-header and the Giants won the earlier game 4-0. 

17. Miami Heat

Sport: NBA (basketball)

Year: 2012-13 season

Streak: 27-game winning streak

From February 3, 2013 through March 25, 2013, the Miami Heat won 27-straight games in spectacular fashion. They defeated 20 different teams in that span, recorded 17 double-digit victories, and erased seven double-digit deficits as they steamrolled through the league. 

The Heat scored more than 100 points in all but nine of those games during the streak. They escaped a jump scare on February 26th against the Sacramento Kings. The game went into two overtimes, but the Heat managed to win by 12 points to secure their 12th-straight win. 

16. Golden State Warriors

Sport: NBA (basketball)

Year: 2015-16 season

Streak: 28-game winning streak

The Golden State Warriors finished the 2014-15 regular season on a four-game win streak and opened the 2015-16 season 24-0 before finally losing to the Milwaukee Bucks. Their 28-game winning streak is the second-longest streak in NBA history and they were unstoppable. 

The Warriors would go on to win the 2015 NBA Championship, set a record with 73 wins during the 2015-16 season (which included their 24-0 start), and made it to the NBA Finals for the second-straight year in 2016. This was also before they added Kevin Durant, so let that sink in.

15. Los Angeles Lakers

Sport: NBA (basketball)

Year: 1971-72 season

Streak: 33-game winning streak

The Los Angeles Lakers own the longest winning streak among the four major professional sports in the United States. They won 33-straight games from November 5, 1971 until January 9, 1972 — a streak that included an overtime win and 16 road games (17 home games).

The Lakers scored more than 100 points in every game during the streak, with 154 points being their highest score in a single game. They finished the regular season 69-13 and went on to beat the New York Knicks in the 1972 NBA Finals to secure the franchise’s fifth championship. 

14. Tennessee Lady Vols

Sport: NCAAW (women’s college basketball)

Year: 1996-1998

Streak: 46-game winning streak

The Tennessee Lady Vols were one of the most dominant women’s college basketball teams under head coach Pat Summitt. After winning six straight games to end the 1996-97 season as NCAA Tournament Champions, Summitt led her team to a perfect 40-0 season in 1997-98. 

The 46-game winning streak is the most in Lady Vols’ basketball history and was a true testament to how dominant this team was for well over three decades. The 46th victory was also the school’s third consecutive NCAA Tournament Championship and sixth overall. 

13. Oklahoma Sooners

Sport: NCAAF (men’s college football)

Year: 1953-1957

Streak: 47-game winning streak

The Oklahoma Sooners own the longest winning streak in college football history. After starting the 1953 season 0-1-1, the team would go on to win nine-straight to close out the season. The Sooners would then go 31-0 over the next three seasons and even begin the 1957 season 7-0. 

The streak would span a total of 47 games from October 10, 1953 until November 16, 1957. The Notre Dame Fighting Irish played spoiler in a 7-0 shutout victory over Oklahoma in front of 63,170 home fans. They finished the season 10-1 and won their third Orange Bowl in five years.

12. UCLA Bruins

Sport: NCAAM (men’s college basketball)

Year: 1966-1968

Streak: 47-game winning streak

The UCLA Bruins were dominant under the greatest college basketball coach of all-time, John Wooden. Things really started to take off during the 1966-67 season. The team was already on a four-game win streak from the following season, but finished the 1966-67 season a perfect 30-0.

They carried that streak into the 1967-68 season, winning the first 13 games of the season and bringing the streak to 47 games. The team not only won the 1966-67 National Championship, but did so in seven of the next eight seasons and this wasn’t even the school’s longest streak. 

11. Arsenal F.C.

Sport: Premier League (soccer)

Year: 2003-2004

Streak: 49-game unbeaten streak

Although not exactly a ‘winning’ streak, it would be wrong not to mention the 49-game unbeaten streak put together by Arsenal from 2003 to 2004. They only won 36 of those games, but the other 13 games ended in a tie — meaning they technically didn’t lose, hence the word ‘unbeaten.’

The streak started on July 5, 2003 when Arsenal beat Southampton 6-1 and ended on October 24, 2004 after a tough and controversial 2-0 loss to Manchester United. During the streak, Arsenal was led by Thierry Henry’s 39 goals (48 games) and Robert Pires’ 23 goals (40 games). 

10. Louisiana Tech Lady Techsters

Sport: NCAAW (women’s college basketball)

Year: 1980-1982

Streak: 54-game winning streak

The 1981-82 season was a special time for women’s college basketball with it being the inaugural year of the NCAA Championship. It was also a special season for the Louisiana Tech Lady Techsters, who were already buzzing after a perfect 34-0 record in the 1980-81 season.

The Lady Techsters would open the 1981-82 season with 20-straight victories, bringing their total streak to 54-straight wins. After the loss, they would win their next 15 games en route to being named the first ever NCAA Champions. It was their first of two Championships in school history.

9. Mount Union Purple Raiders

Sport: NCAAF (men’s college football)

Year: 1996-1999, 2000-2003

Streak: 54 game-winning streak, 55-game winning streak

The Mount Union Purple Raiders could be one of the most dominant college football teams of all-time. Although they compete at the Division III level, they’re consistently among the best college football teams and own two of the longest winning streaks in college football history. 

From 1996-1999, the Mount Union Purple Raiders won 54-straight games — a streak that ended in a playoff loss at the end of the 1999 season. After that loss, the Purple Raiders would win their next 55 games until 2003. They also won 110 straight regular season games from 1995-2005. 

8. San Francisco Dons

Sport: NCAAM (men’s college basketball)

Year: 1954-1956

Streak: 60-game winning streak

From 1954-1957, the San Francisco Dons were one of the most dominant and consistent college basketball teams. The Dons didn’t have high expectations for the 1954-55 season, but won their first two games of the season before suffering their first loss to the UCLA Bruins. 

After that loss, the Dons (led by Hall of Fame legend Bill Russell) would go on to win 60 straight games, which included being named NCAA Champions in 1955 and 1956. Their win streak would come to an end six games into the 1956-57 season, losing 62-33 to No. 7 Illinois. 

7. Team USA

Sport: Olympic Basketball

Year: 1936-1972

Streak: 63-game winning streak

No country has ever been more dominant at basketball than the United States and they seem to prove it every four years when they compete in the Olympic Games. In fact, they won their first 63 games in the Olympics from 1936-1972, winning seven gold medals during that streak. 

Ever since losing to the Soviets and watching their win streak come to an end, Team USA has gone 80-5 in Olympic Games and won nine more gold medals — including the past four. They were on a 24-game win streak entering the 2020 Olympics, but lost to France in their first game.

6. UCLA Bruins

Sport: NCAAB (men’s college basketball)

Year: 1971-1974

Streak: 88-game winning streak

We already mentioned how great of a coach John Wooden was, but the 88-game win streak is perhaps his greatest accomplishment as head coach of the UCLA Bruins. The streak spanned across four different seasons and he won the NCAA Championship three of those four years. 

The streak began on January 30, 1971 after defeating UC Santa Barbara 74-61 and ended on January 19, 1974 in a 71-70 loss to Notre Dame. The Bruins had two perfect 30-0 seasons in 1971-72 and 1972-73. It was the longest winning streak in men’s college basketball history.

5. North Carolina Tar Heels

Sport: Women’s College Soccer

Year: 1990-1994

Streak: 101-game winning streak

The North Carolina Tar Heels have had one of the most dominating women’s college soccer teams of all-time. They’ve won 21 NCAA Championships over the past 40 years and own the longest win streak of any other women’s college soccer team with 101 consecutive victories.

It all started on September 23, 1990 and ended on October 19, 1994 when the Tar Heels lost 3-1 to No. 4 ranked Duke. Despite the loss, the Tar Heels still went on to win their ninth consecutive NCAA Championship and 12th overall. The streak included three straight perfect seasons. 

4. UCONN Huskies

Sport: NCAAW (women’s college basketball)

Year: 2014-2017

Streak: 111-game winning streak

The UCONN Huskies have accomplished things that no other women’s college basketball team have come close to matching. Under the leadership of Geno Auriemma, they’ve consistently been one of the top college basketball teams and are known for their incredible win streaks. 

Over the years, they’ve put together win streaks of 47 games, 70 games, and 90 games, but nothing compares to their 111-game winning streak from 2014-2017. They won 37 straight to end the 2014-15 season, went 38-0 in 2015-16, and went 36-1 in the 2016-17 season. 

3. Edwin Moses

Sport: Track and Field

Year: 1977-1987

Streak: 122-race winning streak

If you want a win streak that doesn’t receive enough praise and attention, this is definitely one. Edwin Moses will go down as the most dominant athlete to ever run the 400m hurdles and one of the most dominant track and field athletes of all-time, winning 122 consecutive races

The streak spanned over 10 years and included 107 consecutive finals. He won an Olympic Gold Medal twice during the streak and might’ve won a third if it weren’t for the 1980 Olympic boycott. He also set a world record for 400m hurdles, though that record has since been beaten.

2. De La Salle Spartans

Sport: High School Football

Year: 1992-2004

Streak: 151-game winning streak

If you want to know how to dominate the high school football community, just ask the De La Salle Spartans because they’ve been doing it for over 30 years. In fact, they had the second longest winning streak in sports history from 1992-2004, winning 151 consecutive games

The streak included 43 shutouts and they scored more than 50 points in 60 of the games. They were coached by Bob Ladouceur and the streak finally came to an end after a devastating 39-20 loss to Bellevue (Wash.). They also went 30 years without losing to a Northern California school.

1. Jahangir Khan

Sport: Squash

Year: 1980-1986

Streak: 555-match winning streak

Jahangir Khan is regarded as the greatest squash player to ever live and will forever be remembered for revolutionizing the sport. His 555-match winning streak is the longest winning streak in sports history and will likely remain that way for a very long time — if not forever.

The streak ended on November 11, 1986 in a World Open final against Ross Norman of New Zealand. 

Khan spoke of his amazing accomplishment, saying, “It wasn’t my plan to create such a record. All I did was put in the effort to win every match I played and it went on for weeks, months, and years until my defeat to Ross Norman in Toulouse in 1986.”

Who Will Have the Next Longest Winning Streak in Sports History?

Winning doesn’t come easy to anyone, but those with the longest winning streak in sports history make it look easy. They’ve put together some of the most dominant, consistent, and incredible performances through the years and are what make sports so exciting to watch. 

When we witness a team string a few wins together, we always wonder how long they can sustain it and when it will come to an end. Some teams fold before they can add to their win streak, while other teams continue to build on their streak and etch their name in sports history. 

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With the way sports are today, it’s going to be hard for any current teams to find their way on this list, but it is possible. You never know when a team will get hot and once they do, you never know how long it will last. All we can do is sit back, stand witness, and enjoy the entertainment.

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