Marlins Organization Postpones First Games As Multiple Players and Staff Members Test Positive for COVID-19

Marlins Organization Postpones First Games As Multiple Players and Staff Members Test Positive for COVID-19

Marlins Organization Postpones First Games As Multiple Players and Staff Members Test Positive for COVID-19

Other organizations around the MLB are calling the recent COVID-19 outbreak that occurred within the Miami Marlins organization “unnerving.”

The Marlins were set to begin their season with a match up against the Baltimore Orioles. However, after several players and staff members tested positive for coronavirus despite personnel being instructed to quarantine and wear masks, their first three games were postponed.

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This is fun 🙂

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The game against the Orioles was postponed after the Orioles had already flown into Miami. Now, the first baseman for the Orioles Chris Davis is opening up about his feeling on the recent outbreak within the sport.

Davis is a husband and a father to three girls. He admitted to Yahoo! Sports that it’s not just him who is “at the mercy” of the lifestyles his teammates and opponents choose to live outside of practices and games, but it is also his family who he goes home to each day.

“It was a little unnerving to sit there and just to see everything that was unfolding and how quickly it was being reported,” Davis admitted. “Going into this there was a good possibility that something like this was going to happen.”

“I think we all in the back of our minds knew that there was a possibility of something like this happening. But you hope for the best. If anything, it should serve as a reminder [of] how important it is that we follow these health and safety protocols.”

Since the Marlins’ outbreak, the Philadelphia Phillies are also in quarantine having spent time in Miami with the Marlins organization prior to the outbreak. As Yahoo! reports, the Orioles were expected to play Philly after playing Boston Red Sox, but now they will play the New York Yankees instead.

As a result of recent events, other organizations scheduled to play the Marlins are choosing to postpone their matchups as well.

“We didn’t take an actual vote or tally or anything, but there were definitely discussions of everyone’s concerns with playing the Marlins,” Davis said. “Obviously being in Miami for a night, we were a little concerned about that, but if anything it just reiterated how important it is to follow these safety protocols, these guidelines that have been laid out for us.”

“I think once guys understood the situation, the gravity of everything, how really this can affect so many people so quickly because of the way it spreads, I think it was a good reminder that we’re going to have to do a lot of things by the book, so to speak, to make sure that we get through as many games as possible.”

Davis also admitted that now more than ever, he is concerned about his own wellbeing and the wellbeing of his family at home. “When something like this happens, whether your club is directly affected or not, it kind of makes everybody raise an eyebrow and make sure they’re doing everything they can, or at least I hope it would.”

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And the crowd (noise) goes wild!

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The first baseman said although you can’t control every player when it comes to their personal lives, he hopes this incident is wake up call for most.

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