Last Night’s Scores:

Milwaukee Bucks: 126 vs. Detroit Pistons: 106

Performance of the Game: G. Antetokounmpo (33 pts, 16 rebs)

Charlotte Hornets: 103 vs. Chicago Bulls: 93

Performance of the Game: M. Monk (25 pts, 6 rebs)

Miami Heat: 124 vs. Atlanta Hawks: 129

Performance of the Game: T. Young (50 pts, 8 asts)

Memphis Grizzlies: 125 vs. Sacramento Kings: 129

Performance of the Game: H. Barnes (32 pts)

Brooklyn Nets: 104 vs. Philadelphia 76ers: 112

Performance of the Game: J. Embiid (39 pts, 16 rebs)

Houston Rockets: 135 vs. Golden State Warriors: 105

Performance of the Game: J. Harden: 29 pts, 10 rebs

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Latest News in the NBA:

  • Klay Thompson will not return for the rest of the season due to ACL injury.

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@warriors Klay Thompson, who suffered a torn left ACL during Game 6 of the 2019 NBA Finals, was recently re-evaluated and has been confirmed to be on track with his rehabilitation timeline.   He will not play the remainder of this season, but is expected to return to action when the 2020-21 training camp begins late September. [View on Instagram]
  • Kyrie Irving will undergo season-ending surgery.
  • Marvin Bagley III out at least another three weeks.
  • Clint Capela will miss 2 weeks.

Opinion of the Day:

Given that Klay Thompson will not return to the court this season, the Warriors don’t have a chance to recover from this lack-luster start. With the worst record in the league at 12-44, they are not only out of the playoffs, but have nothing to play for at this point. However, in my opinion, the lack of Curry and Klay may end up helping the Warriors in the long run.

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Obviously, the Warriors are missing the Splash Bros, but in reality, even if the entire Warriors’ roster was healthy, they most likely wouldn’t be favorites to come out of the West. In my opinion, the benefits from tanking this season will help the Warriors future tremendously.

First, and most obviously, the Warriors will have a very high draft pick in the 2021 NBA Draft. Whether they decide to take a player with this pick for the future, or package the pick in a trade for a player to compliment Curry and Klay, the pick will assist Golden State.

While the high draft pick may be the most obvious positive consequence of this terrible season, I believe that an incredibly important factor is being overlooked by many: Curry and Klay will finally get some rest. They have been to five consecutive finals, meaning they have played a large amount of extra games per season. The effects of all these extra games took a toll on their bodies, and is without a doubt the reason behind all of these injuries. However, they will finally be able to get some well deserved rest and come back next season even stronger.

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