Philadelphia Eagles Shock Sports World By Firing Head Coach, Doug Pederson 2

Philadelphia Eagles Shock Sports World By Firing Head Coach, Doug Pederson

Philadelphia Eagles Shock Sports World By Firing Head Coach, Doug Pederson

After a 4-11-1 season, the Philadelphia Eagles have decided to fire their head coach, Doug Pederson. Pederson had just finished his 5th season with the Eagles, and his performance had been slowly declining ever since leading the Eagles to a Super Bowl victory in 2017. However, instead on focusing on the sad news of his firing, this article, I want to go over some of his highlights with the Eagles.

After joining the Eagles in 2016, Pederson led them to the playoffs in 2017, ‘18, and ‘19, before a very poor season in 2020. The 2017 Eagles will forever be remembered as the team that won the Super Bowl with a backup, and the team that took down the New England Patriots.

The past 5 years for the Eagles have been filled with injuries. Carson Wentz, the Eagles quarterback, has had many issues during his time with the Eagles, some being injuries, and some being attitude, that Pederson had to navigate. In 2017, after Wentz tore his ACL in week 14, veteran, Nick Foles, took over and led the Eagles all the way to a Super Bowl championship, their first ever.

In 2018, Wentz injured his back, once again in week 14, so Foles took over for a second time. The Eagles made the playoffs and won their matchup in the wildcard round, but lost in the second wound of the playoffs. In 2019, Wentz got injured once more, however this year he made it further.

After a 9-7 season, Wentz finally made his first playoff appearance, however promptly got a concussion in the 1st quarter of the game. The Eagles put in backup, Josh McCown, a 40 year old who had retired and become an analyst. Needless to say, the Eagles lost. However, to his credit, McCown did throw 18-24 on the day. 

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2020 was a year of health for Wentz, however it was not a year of good play. After leading the eagles to a 3-8-1 record, he was replaced by rookie, Jalen Hurts, who played well. In addition to injuries and poor play, throughout Wentz’s entire tenure with the Eagles, rumors have circulated about him having attitude problems, and his teammates disliking him. 

Doug Pederson coached the Eagles through a great amount of adversity, and ended up having some very good results, despite his team being plagued by injuries year after year. Pederson was well liked by Eagles players and management, but was fired as he did not agree with Eagles owner, Jeffrey Lurie, on plans for the future.

Both Lurie and Pederson expressed great respect for each other in their statements, however Lurie said that he felt as though Pederson did not have a “sound vision for the future.” Lurie was also not happy with Pederson’s coaching staff decisions. 


Pederson is expected to be picked up elsewhere in the league, and I could see him finding success with the right team. However, it will be hard for him to live up to his glory in 2017.

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