Tiger Woods, 47, Accused of Sexual Harassment by Ex-Girlfriend According to Court Documents

Tiger Woods, 47, Accused of Sexual Harassment by Ex-Girlfriend According to Court Documents

Erica Herman, the former girlfriend of golf legend Tiger Woods, accused the 15-time champion of sexually harassing her on various occasions throughout the course of their relationship.

According to new court documents which were filed on Friday, Herman disclosed that the golfer personally hired her to work at his Southern Florida restaurant and then began sexually harassing her. She also claims the 47-year-old “forced her to sign an NDA … or else be fired from her job.”

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“Tiger Woods, the internationally renowned athlete and one of the most powerful figures in global sports, decided to pursue a sexual relationship with his employee, then – according to him – forced her to sign an NDA about it or else be fired from her job,” the court document reads, according to CNN.

“And, when he became disgruntled with their sexual relationship, he tricked her into leaving her home, locked her out, took her cash, pets, and personal possessions, and tried to strong-arm her into signing a different NDA.”

Herman’s attorney Benjamin Hobas additionally stated in the court filing, “A boss imposing different work conditions on his employee because of their sexual relationship is sexual harassment.”

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Erica Herman claims Tiger Woods kicked her out of their home

The court filings also allege that Woods kicked her out of her home following their breakup. After they went on a trip to the Bahamas, she claims to have returned to locked doors. However, the golfer argued that Herman was merely “invited” to live in the home and never had a legal claim to the property.

“Mr. Woods’s California lawyer, out of the blue, told her that she was not going anywhere, would never see Mr. Woods again, had been locked out of the house, and could not return,” Herman’s court filing states. “She would not even be able to see the children or her pets again.”

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With this being said, Woods has openly disputed the claims Herman made against him. Per his legal team, he counted argued that his ex-girlfriend agreed to sign an NDA at the time and also agreed to settle their differences privately, something she is now doing publicly.

“Ms. Herman’s response evinces a lack of understanding of the procedures to be followed at the upcoming hearing … As the record plainly demonstrates, Mr. Woods has insisted at every opportunity that [Ms.] Herman is bound by the arbitration provisions of the NDA and has sought to enforce his rights thereunder,” the filing reads.

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