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Tom Brady’s Act of Kindness Causes Rob Gronkowski to Earn $1M Bonus

Tom Brady has shown the world yet again just how much of a GOAT he really is.

As the Tampa Bay Buccaneers went head to head against the Carolina Panthers for their final game of the regular season, everyone involved was feeling the pressure. However, the one person who likely felt the most stress, was Tampa Bay’s tight end, Rob Gronkowski.

Tom Brady’s Act of Kindness Causes Rob Gronkowski to Earn $1M Bonus
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Within the contents of the 32-year-old’s seasonal contract, if he was to reach 750 receiving yards and 55 receptions, he would earn two $500,000 bonuses. On game day, the athlete only needed seven more catches and 85 receiving yards to reach the bonuses. While the athlete was able to reach his receiving yards milestone early on, as the game came to a close, the chances of a $1M bonus looked bleaker and bleaker.

However, Gronkowski had a secret up his sleeve to ensure he would get the $1M total: Tampa Bay Buccaneers star quarterback, Tom Brady.

Despite head coach Bruce Arians pulling Brady out of the game, when you have 7 Super Bowl titles under your belt, you can argue with your coach. The 44-year-old told Arians that he insisted on continuing in the game in order to help Gronkowski work towards his receptions.

Tom Brady’s Act of Kindness Causes Rob Gronkowski to Earn $1M Bonus
Steve Jacobson /

Incredibly, the NFL was able to help him secure the title and Gronkowski will be bringing home a whopping $1M bonus at the end of the season.

Rob Gronkowski discusses milestone and leaving Tom Brady off the dinner reservation list

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“It was really nice to get it,” the younger player explained after their 41-17 over the Panthers. According to NBC Sports, he included, “Hitting incentives is cool.”

“The Buccaneers are a great organization, putting me in a position where I can hit those incentives, which is awesome,” he continued. “I love playing here. I love playing for this organization. It’s cool to hit those.”

Gronowski even joked that he would bring all the quarterbacks out to dinner with his extra cash, except for Brady. “I’m going to have to bring out all the tight ends to dinner,” he laughed. “A couple of the quarterbacks — I don’t bring Tom out, I’ll bring the backups out to dinner.”

Considering Brady’s strict diet, he didn’t seem worried about being left out of the victorious meal. During an episode of his SiriusXM podcast, “Let’s Go!”, Brady retaliated against Gronowski’s joke with the sentiments, “I know what he eats. Let’s just say it’s not along the guidelines of TB12 so he can have his dinner without me.”

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