Dak Prescott Defends Himself After Throwing a House Party While the World Is Supposed to Be Social Distancing

Dak Prescott, 28, Will Be a Legendary Quarterback, And Here’s Why

Dallas quarterback, Dak Prescott, is entering his 6th season with the National Football League and this is his first season back after facing a serious ankle injury that left him questioning if he would return for the 2021 season. However, the 28-year-old athlete has made a full comeback and is ready to hit the field.

What’s more surprising than his return after an intense injury is the fact that many people are expecting him to outperform Tom Brady, who is largely regarded as the best quarterback of all time.

Dak Prescott Gives Injury Update On Way To Doctor: "I'm Doing Well...Can't Thank You Enough For All Your Love, Your Support, Prayers"
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The Cowboys have no doubts that he’s in tip-top shape and their running back, Ezekiel Elliott explained why he thinks this is the case. According to ESPN, he stated in reference to the quarterback, “I think just the way he prepares, the way he carries himself, the work he puts in.”

The Cowboys invested $160 million and four years into Prescott in the hopes that he would lead their team to victory, which many Dak-haters believed to be foolish. However, when he started in 2020, he ensured the Cowboys reigned a 1-3 victory streak in the league before he suffered in week 5 from his injury.

With Prescott, the Cowboys were being ranked among the top 5 offensive teams in the league, and afterward, they were falling back to around 25. Now, he’s ready to make a successful return to the top.

Dak Prescott is clearly good, but is he good enough to beat Brady? Statistics say it’s possible.

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While Brady is certainly his own breed and has a very long list of career accomplishments, his projections for next season fall behind Prescott’s projected performances. ESPN shared that a “panel of more than 50 experts predicted that Tom Brady will be the sixth-best QB this upcoming season, behind Dak Prescott at No. 5.”

After hearing the news of Prescott’s injury, Brady even commented about how he feels when he gets injured. In his 22-year-long career with the NFL, Brady has only missed four games in the last 12 years. Yet, he explained that being injured reminds him that he is human. He stated, “We kind of feel invincible at times, especially playing a really physical sport. I think the one thing about getting injured is that we’re not invincible.”

“You have a different perspective when you come back. Sometimes, you’re really disappointed when you lose games. It’s more disappointing when you don’t get to play in games. I’d rather play and lose than not play at all, as crazy as that sounds. If you’re not playing, then it means you’re at home and I remember that was a tough year just sitting and watching all my teammates,” the former New England Patriot went on to explain.

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