Wondering How Some of The World’s Best Athletes Are Spending Their Time in Quarantine? It's With Their Kids

Wondering How Some of The World’s Best Athletes Are Spending Their Time in Quarantine? It’s With Their Kids

Wondering How Some of The World’s Best Athletes Are Spending Their Time in Quarantine? It’s With Their Kids

If there was ever a time to lean in and get in all the love, fun, and snuggles with your children, this is it. Not that love, fun, and snuggles aren’t important every day of a child’s and parent’s life, but with every one thing happening in the world today, the need for that love is ten-fold right now.

And for a lot of working parents, especially professional athletes, this time with their family and children may have never happened if their seasons hadn’t been canceled. So let’s check-in to see how the world’s greatest athletes are spending this newfound quality time with their little ones.

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With the 2020 Olympics Now Postponed Until 2021, Allyson Felix Has More Time to Spend With Her Daughter Cammy

While Felix is still hopeful to compete at the Olympics in 2021, she is now training at home with her daughter and her husband by her side cheering her on.

Stephen Curry Is Still Working Out at Home Ever Since the NBA Suspended Their Season, But He’s Even Getting Creative With His Three Little Ones As Well

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If you’re like me, you’re looking for any glimmer of light or joy in the world right now to help get you through these unforeseen strange times. Last fall, I was offered the opportunity to create my own magazine. Besides it having a cover and pages and pictures, I was given the blank slate to make it whatever I wanted. After a lot of thought and self-reflection, I decided that what I wanted was to tell stories with substance about things that matter. Showcase people doing groundbreaking things and supporting their communities. Give people information but also inspiration. I wanted my girls to be able to see themselves in the pictures and the stories, and feel like not only is there a place for them in this world, but that the skies the limit for what they can achieve. And then the craziest thing happened.. We made it! And we called it SWEET JULY. Why? Well, all three of our babies were born in July, we got married in July and it’s the 7th month in the calendar year. It’s the time in my life where I find I have the most joy and excitement. I wanted to carry that through everyday and simply honor and find gratitude in the big and the small moments. As we prepare to release the first issue in what could be seen as the most insane time, I’m choosing to see it another way. I think the world needs a little joy right now, and this first issue is dripping with it. To celebrate (and to pay homage to one of the greatest scenes in movie history), I enlisted the family to make a little home video. Shot and edited by my bro @jazmiyagi (or as my kids call him “Uncle Jaz”). Initially this was supposed to launch under much different circumstances. It’s only fair to rename this: “THE DEVIL WEARS SWEATPANTS”  SWEET JULY COMING SOON!!!! @meredithcorporation

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While this video is to promote the magazine his wife, Ayesha is creating, you can see how Stephen is enjoying this extra free time with his wife and children. And as At The Buzzer reported, he’s also been enjoying time with his son in the gym as well.

Russell Wilson Is Using His Free Time With His Kids to Teach His Stepson How to Be the Next Great Quarterback

On top of working on his son’s footwork and ball-handling skills, Wilson is also using his at home facilities to gear up for his ninth season in the NFL. As of April 10, the start of the NFL’s 2020-21 season has not been postponed as a result of COVID-19 concerns.

Serena Williams and Her Family Are “Loving Life” While Enjoying Their Extra Time Together, Save and Healthy In Their Home

With all tennis matches being postponed until at least June 7, Williams and her crew have a lot of time on their hands. But as Williams said in the video above, “We’re loving our life. I’m loving my husband, and we are having a lot of fun.”

Mike Trout Is Helping His Wife Get Ready for The Newest Addition to Their Family

In March, Trout and his wife Jessica announced that they are expecting their first child together. And now that opening day has been postponed due to the health crisis we are all living through, we’re sure Trout and Jessica are using this time to prep for their little one’s arrival!

Alex Rodriguez Is Teaching His Kids the Fundamentals of Baseball

Not only that but he and his fiancée Jennifer Lopez were able to put on a pretty spectacular Easter celebration as well!

Drew Brees and His Children Are Enjoying Time Outside on Their Basketball Court, Trampoline, and Gardening

Let’s be real, these superstar athletes have some pretty amazing digs, but you can make any space fun when you and your family are all together and that’s what Brees, his wife Brittany, and their three children are doing.

Tom Brady and His Wife and Kids Are Using This Downtime to Remember to Stay Grateful

While Brady and his family are grateful to be together, they are even more grateful for the health care professionals who are on the frontlines. So, Brady’s kids drew pictures and wrote letters of just how much their work means to them.

Tiger Woods and His Son Have Nightly Putting Competitions

With all of the golfing tournaments postponed until this summer, Woods has a lot of time of his hands. But that doesn’t mean he’s not putting it to good use. Woods and his son, Charlie, have been having some family-friendly putting competitions in their backyard. The big prize, Woods’ Green Masters Jacket. “The fact that he has been able to earn it off of me, there’s no wins that are given in this family,” Woods told GolfTV. “It’s been fun to see him tease me about beating me. He said, ‘It’s where it belongs.’ ”

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Because we’re all safer at home, why not listen to what the CDC and our government is telling us to do; stay home, wash your hands, and enjoy this time with your family.

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