Manny Machado is in His Prime After Celebrating His Exciting 30th Birthday

Manny Machado is in His Prime After Celebrating His Exciting 30th Birthday

For many athletes, turning 30 is a painful reminder of a career that’s slowing down. For Manny Machado, San Diego Padres’ iconic third baseman, turning 30 is a symbol of success.

In July, the MLB All-Star Game showcased an array of athletes: most of whom were in their 20s. However, Machado stood proudly among his fellow players, only one week after celebrating his 30th birthday. And, he is refusing to let his age slow him down. “It’s my prime, baby. I’m young. I’m young!” the third baseman said lovingly, per ESPN.

“This is the game we love,” he added, simply expressing his affection for his chosen sport. “Have a smile on your face every single day and try to leave it on the field every single day. That’s all we can control.”

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Age is a particularly challenging topic when it comes to athletics, as bodies begin to degrade after a certain age. Joints start to tighten, bones become more brittle, and a person’s endurance naturally begins to decline. These are all factors that are essential for a top-tier athlete and to lose these tool sets can often mean the end of a career. But, an athlete with years of experience and understanding of the game can definitely have the upper hand compared to a player fresh out of college. For Machado, this seems to reign true.

Team members celebrate the talent of Manny Machado

“Pretty much every day, every minute, he’s trying to help me out and trying to improve my game to play better,” 25-year-old Ha-Seong Kim said of Machado, noting the third baseman’s position as a leader on the Padres. “I want to do better because of him trying so hard to help me out. The guy never wants to quit. So that makes us play even harder, play better. He’s the captain for sure.”

Machado discussed his desire to continue playing, noting that each season provides its own set of challenges, and finding ways to tackle those obstacles is practically addicting. “Honestly, for me, every single year is just the grind of the season,” he began.

The 30-year-old then explained, “How it wears you down, how it brings you up. You think you’re never gonna get a hit again, and then now you’re on fire. That’s the beauty for me every single year. It’s the wear and tear of knowing that I grinded through 160 games and, you know, you made it. You made it to the end.”

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