Matt Stafford and Wife Set Aside Meals For Medical Professionals

Matt Stafford and Wife Set Aside Meals For Medical Professionals

Matt Stafford and Wife Set Aside Meals For Medical Professionals

And the giving just keeps on giving. Another star athlete doing what he can to help those most affected by COVID-19 is quarterback for the Detroit Lions Matthew Stafford and his wife, Kelly.

On March 26, Kelly took to her Instagram account to announce that she and Matt wanted to give back to those who are on the front lines, the people who are in the hospitals putting themselves at risk for the greater good.

So the couple partnered with a handful of restaurants to ensure that those medical professionals were getting a free lunch or dinner like they so deserve. “For all of you in Michigan who are putting your own health and life on the line to take care of others, we are all in such debt to you,” Kelly began. Matthew and I wanted to make sure that you knew how much we appreciate you and what you are doing and so did these restaurants we partnered with.”

The soon-to-be mom of four continued, “So please, if you are an employee of a hospital, please have whatever meal you want from any of these restaurants above on the Staffords.”

“This is for take-out only so everyone stays safe. It is limited to 3 meals per pickup. Please mention you work for a hospital when you call to place your order and please bring with you your hospital badge to show when you come to pick up your food! This is such a crazy, scary time in life and we couldn’t imagine what your days are like on the front line of it all. Please know we are thinking about y’all, praying for y’all and how grateful we are for the selfless service you are providing.”

And Staffords continued to donate money to different restaurants throughout the week and into the next. Their donations come just several days after announcing that they are expecting their fourth child together.

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This game was a few weeks after I told Matthew I was expecting, well really before he found out. The day I found out I was pregnant, was the same day Matthew found out he had broken his back. With that news, I decided I would keep the pregnancy to myself because for so long we had been so worried about my brain and my recovery, I didn’t want him to have to think about me continuing to recover while growing a baby.. I wanted him to have a clear mind so that he could have a quick, successful recovery himself. That lasted 3 days. Matthew is sometimes too smart for his own good. While I was so focused on him, he was focused on me, with the littlest of things clueing him into what was going on. He asked if I was, I said yes, and we hugged it out. The next month & a half was hard and exhausting. Our 3 little ones were extremely sick for weeks, at least one of them throwing up a day.. everyone telling us it was a virus so they fought like the little warriors they are, only for it to turn into pneumonia. Poor things were not themselves for too long. I had zero energy. This pregnancy had been my toughest yet.. messing more so with my head & my balance, making me sick & constantly worried something else was wrong. Then there was my incredible husband trying to keep it together while dealing with his own health issue… & all of this with the holidays were quickly approaching.. & we all know how busy & hectic the holidays are. We made it through, completing all the holiday traditions we had made thus far as a family.. but we were very ready for these tables to turn. They did. At the beginning of jan, after strong antibiotics, our girls started to gain their personalities & weight back. Matthew had gotten word that his back had completely healed and because of symptoms I was having, I got an MRI on my brain that showed no residual from surgery & everything looked normal. We finally felt like we had caught a break. The past 15 months have really taken a toll on me and my family. Next month will mark a year from my brain surgery. It is a year that has helped my family grow in numbers and in strength, but it is a year that I never want to revisit. #StaffordStrong

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Both Kelly and Matt have taken this offseason to heal. Last year Kelly underwent brain surgery to remove a tumor, while Matt was mending a broken back.

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