Ree Drummond's Foster Son, Jamar, 'Officially Signed To Play Football At The University Of Central Oklahoma'!

Ree Drummond’s Foster Son, Jamar, ‘Officially Signed To Play Football At The University Of Central Oklahoma’!

Ree Drummond’s Foster Son, Jamar, ‘Officially Signed To Play Football At The University Of Central Oklahoma’!

Ree Drummond, ‘The Pioneer Woman’, opened up about this incredible new chapter in their family’s journey in November 2020 when she announced on her website that her family had taken in a foster son: Jamar.

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Yet another incredible chapter is being celebrated as it was a big week in the Drummond household. Drummond had some huge news to share with the world as she announced in an Instagram post: “Big big day!!…Jamar officially signed to play football at The University of Central Oklahoma starting this fall”.

Drummond said she’s so proud of him.

“So grateful for his friends, coaches, and community for supporting him in countless ways,” Drummond said. “And I’m grateful for Jamar himself—his hard work, his commitment, and his presence in our family.”

Drummond also showed some love to the second picture she posted, as well, implying there were tears of joy asking if someone was chopping those onions!:

“I love the second photo; it’s pre-pat-on-the-back from Ladd, but it sure conveys our joy,” Drummond said. “Go Jamar, and #ROLLCHOS! (Is someone choppin’ onions in here?🥲).”

The UCO Broncho Football Team also announced Jamar’s signing in this post along with other student-athletes who’d been signed, as well:

The football team, as stated in its Instagram bio are: “2x National Champions…(have) 125 All-Americans…18 Conference Championships…38 NFL Players”.

Now that’s what you call a good football program. And you never know, maybe Jamar could help bring another national champion to the team and maybe he could be the 39th NFL player to have played at the university.

We’re rooting for you, Jamar!

“Meet Jamar!”

“Meet Jamar!…We have a foster son now. His name is Jamar. I haven’t written or spoken publicly about him much, because for one thing, the state agency that handles fostering has strict rules against posting about foster children on social media, which I get. But mostly, and this is slightly related, I feel protective of Jamar and have always wanted his story to be his own and not fodder for my social media, which is often riddled with silly videos of my Basset hounds running toward the camera in slow motion. Also, I’ve never wanted to subject Jamar to more attention than he wanted or needed before he had a chance to settle in and get his bearings in our home. We needed to let things breathe! I’m now writing about Jamar because after a year-and-a-half of living in our house, he is an inextricable part of our wacky family, and it’s become increasingly strange for me not to talk about him.”

Ree Drummond in an “exclusive sneak peak of…Ree’s new book Frontier Follies” on

Drummond, of course, is also so proud of her son, Bryce, and his high school football career.

“Beyond proud of Bryce Drummond, a.k.a. my kid,” Drummond said in an Instagram post. “His high school football career has come to an end, and what a journey it’s been. Years of hard work, dedication, love of the game. Can’t wait for the tailgates ahead! ❤️🏈🙌

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