The Rock Remembers Shad Gaspard Who Passed Way After Getting Caught Up in a Strong Rip Current

The Rock Remembers Shad Gaspard And Reveals He Made Sure Lifeguards Saved His 10-Year-Old Son First: ‘That’s The Love of a Father’

The Rock Remembers Shad Gaspard And Reveals He Made Sure Lifeguards Saved His 10-Year-Old Son First: ‘That’s The Love of a Father’

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is remembering his good friend and former colleague, Shad Gaspard, following the news of his passing. On May 20, former WWE star Shad Gaspard’s body was discovered by a passerby who was walking Venice Beach.

“That’s the love of a father.”

Along with a photo of the old friends sharing a handshake, The Rock also revealed in his touching tribute that it was Gaspard who made sure his 10-year-old son was pulled out of the ocean by lifeguards before he was.

As The Rock wrote, “This is a tough one to process.”

“This one hurts. Great guy. My deepest condolences and love to Shad Gaspard’s wife, son, and family. Shad drowned in the ocean, but not before instructing lifeguards to save his 10yr old son first. That’s the love of a father. This is a tough one to process. Love and light to Shad’s family. And your warrior spirit lives on through your son.”

As At The Buzzer previously reported, Gaspard, his son, and his wife were enjoying a day at Venice Beach on May 17 when he and his 10-year-old son, along with a group of other people got swept up in a strong rip current.

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Thankfully, the wrestler’s little boy was able to be rescued and pulled to safety. Sadly, Gaspard disappeared after getting hit by a wave. “When last seen by the lifeguard, a wave had crashed over Mr. Shad Gaspard and he was swept out to sea,” authorities told the media during the search for the retired athlete turned actor.

A search for the 39-year-old quickly ensued. Sadly, divers and helicopters used in the search for the wrestler could not save him. It’s believed that his wife had stayed ashore when he and their son were in the water.

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As of May 21, Gaspard’s family has yet to issue a direct statement. However, another one of his former colleagues Kofi Kingston used Twitter to share a statement on behalf of the late wrestler’s family.

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It read that the family “appreciates all the love, support, and concern through this horrible ordeal. At this time they are not ready to make any public or official statements to any media outlet, and ask all to respect their wishes.”

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