Tiger Woods, 47, Apologizes For Controversial Tampon Scandal

Tiger Woods Makes Unbelievable Comeback During 2022 Masters Tournament

Golf legend Tiger Woods made an appearance at the 2022 Masters Tournament this weekend, marking his first time back in the competition since his devastating car crash in February 2021. 

Golf Super Star Tiger Woods Announces His Time Competing Full-Time is Over
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The golfer carded a six-over-par 78 on Saturday, which is his worst ever score in a Masters round, but when contextualizing the events preceding the competition, it makes sense that Woods cited this event as his most impressive match. 

In February of last year, the 46-year-old was involved in a car crash that nearly left him dead. Despite doctors telling him that the chances of ever walking again were slim, let alone playing golf, the athlete was dedicated to ensuring his career would not be coming to a close. Over the span of a year, he has spent every day getting closer and closer to his everyday routine through daily physical therapy sessions and determination. As he continued his recovery process, the golfer is happy to have the ability to play a round in the Masters tournament at all. 

Tiger Woods says 2022 Masters Tournament was a career highlight, despite not winning title

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When asked if he considered this weekend an all-time career achievement, Woods replied, “For not winning an event, yes.”

“To go from where I was to get to this point, I’ve had an incredible team that has helped me get to this point and incredible support from – as I alluded to in the press conference on Tuesday, the amount of texts and FaceTimes and calls I got from players that are close to me throughout this entire time has meant a lot,” he went on to explain.

As he appeared on the Augusta course, a crowd of eager fans awaited seeing the golfer. Due to the fact that he hasn’t been in a crowd this large since 2019, Woods admitted the energy was memorable. 

Tiger Woods, 45, is Making 'Remarkable' Progress and He Recovers From Devastating Car Crash
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“I played in a Covid year, and then I didn’t play last year. 2019 was the last time for me that I experienced having the patrons like this, and it’s exciting. It’s inspiring,” he commented. “It’s fun to hear the roars, to hear the hole-in-ones. I think Kitchen made one the other day. To hear that roar down there at the bottom on 16, just to hear that excitement of what this tournament brings out.”

Although a high placement on the leaderboard was not in Woods’ favor, his very appearance was an incredible demonstration of sportsmanship and quite honestly, miraculous.

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