Will Golf Legend Tiger Woods be Competing at 2022 Masters Tournament? Do the Signs Say Yes?

Tiger Woods’ Newest Goal is to Dominate the 2023 Masters Tournament

Golf legend Tiger Woods has plans to appear in the 2023 Masters Tournament, despite suffering an injury that nearly left him paralyzed. 

Tiger Woods' Newest Goal is to Dominate  the 2023 Masters Tournament
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In February 2021, the professional golfer was involved in a tragic car accident that left him with little ability to move his legs. Although doctors told him his involvement in sports would be limited after the accident, he has worked diligently in physical therapy to ensure he still has a career doing what he loves. According to an anonymous source, Woods has no plans on slowing down his golfing career. 

“His pain has gone down tremendously,” the source explained, according to PEOPLE. “He has moments, but he’s really not in a lot of pain anymore. The pain he has can be managed.”

And, with limited pain, this means the 46-year-old can comfortably practice his swing on the golf field. Unsurprisingly, the anonymous figure confirmed that he has been practicing. 

Tiger Woods' Newest Goal is to Dominate  the 2023 Masters Tournament
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Source says Tiger Woods is ‘determined’ to make his come back at the 2023 Masters Tournament

“He’s golfing, he’s practicing, he’s really working on the sport,” said the source. “And he’s very determined to return to the game as soon as it makes sense. He has physical therapy, but he’s got an almost full range of motion. He has really overcome a lot of his injuries.”

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However, what is perhaps the most exciting aspect of the source’s statement, is that Woods is allegedly planning to be the oldest competitor to ever win a Masters Tournament. 

Tiger Woods' Newest Goal is to Dominate  the 2023 Masters Tournament
Debby Wong / Shutterstock.com

“He’s aiming for the 2023 Masters Tournament,” the source shared. “He has a new goal: to be the oldest winner at the Masters. Jack Nicklaus won when he was 46. Tiger will be 47 next year when he competes, and that’s the newest record he is going for. He’ll stop at nothing to accomplish it.”

The source also recognized that Woods is showing incredible focus in order to live up to his dreams of becoming the oldest Masters’ champion. In fact, the source even revealed that the car crash allowed the golfer to practice a new level of patience, making him a stronger competitor. 

“Tiger was known for his focus before, but now he’s learned to focus through terrible pain,” relayed the source. “And now that the pain has mostly faded, that focus is still there. He’s going to be a force when he returns to the game. He’s going to dominate.”

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