MLB, MLBPA Reportedly Disagree On When To Start 2021 Season

MLB, MLBPA Reportedly Disagree On When To Start 2021 Season

MLB, MLBPA Reportedly Disagree On When To Start 2021 Season

Major League Baseball plans on starting up its season in 2021 on Thursday, April 1st. That was, at least, what was announced back in July by the MLB.

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America’s pastime was set to be an historic 2021 ‘Opening Day’ as MLB said it could “become the first season since 1968 in which every team across the Majors plays their first game of the season on the same day.”

Also, here’s this epic plan to have a ‘Field of Dreams’ game with the Yankees vs. White Sox in Iowa on August 12 during the upcoming 2021 MLB Season :

Every team is set to start the regular season and play all on the same opening day. Here’s what the 2021 schedule looks like.

This is apparently still the plan but it could all be shaken up and not actually start that day according to a recent report.

According to a USA Today’s Bob Nightengale report, the MLB and Major League Baseball Players Association are debating on when to actually start the season back up in 2021.

The USA Today report states: “Major League Baseball executives and owners, wanting players to be vaccinated before arriving to spring training, would like the 2021 season to be delayed until May, even if it means shortening the season to 140 or fewer games. The Major League Baseball Players Association, believing it proved a year ago that teams can safely adapt to protocols, wants the season to start on time, playing all 162 games with full pay.”

Could there be more discussions in the coming weeks regarding this? We shall see.

In the meantime, as the MLB and MLBPA reportedly debate and have (hopefully) civil discussions regarding when to start the season, we’ll take a look back in what’s been a truly “unusual season”:

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