Pierson Scheinberg

Pierson Scheinberg is a student who lives in California, and attends the College Preparatory School. Pierson lived in Baltimore, Maryland until August 2017 when he moved to the Bay Area. Pierson is an avid golfer who enjoys watching all sports. He is a writer and sports analyst for At the Buzzer.

Who You Should Pick For NFL Survivor, Week 3

I managed to bounce back last week after a week one loss. With lots of evenly-contested matchups this past week, I’ll have to get a bit riskier with my picks this week. Before I reveal my Week 3 pick, here are some other options I considered.

Are the Las Vegas Raiders Playoff Contenders?

In a game where many had them losing, the Las Vegas Raiders looked excellent in their win against the New Orleans Saints. They may not be able to win their division, but at 2-0, the Raiders are looking pretty good right now. With the playoffs being extended to 3 wild card teams per conference this year, will the Raiders be able to reach the playoffs for the first time since 2016?

Who’s Taking Home their 2nd Stanley Cup: Dallas Stars or Tampa Bay Lightning?

24 teams traveled to the two NHL bubbles at the end of September to start the NHL postseason, and seven weeks later, we are down to two teams. With the Stanley Cup Final starting on Saturday, the Stanley Cup will be awarded to a new team before the end of September. The Dallas Stars are looking for their second Stanley Cup Championship, and the Tampa Bay Lightning are looking for their second cup as well. With puck drop imminent, who will be crowned the 2020 Stanley Cup Champion?

Who You Should Pick for NFL Survivor, Week 1

This year, I will be making a survivor pick for each week of the 2020 NFL season. For those who aren’t familiar with what a survivor pool is, you make a pick for one team to win. If they lose, you’re eliminated, and the last person standing in the pool wins. However, after you pick one team, you can’t pick them again for the rest of the season. I will keep a record for how I do this year, but no matter how many times I’m eliminated, I will still only pick each team once.

Recap of the 2020 Kentucky Derby

In a year full of unprecedented circumstances in sports, horseracing is not exempt from these different situations. This year, the 146th Kentucky Derby was the second jewel of the Triple Crown, and it took place in September, more than two months after the Belmont Stakes.

Who Will Win Each of the Game 7s to Advance to the Conference Finals in Edmonton?

With the Colorado Avalanche, Philadelphia Flyers, and Vancouver Canucks all coming back from 3-1 series deficits to tie them at 3-3, we will be treated to three Game 7s over the next two days. The winners of the Avalanche vs. Stars and Canucks vs. Golden Knights games will go on to play each other in the Western Conference Final while the winner of the Flyers vs. Islanders game will play the Lightning in the Eastern Conference Final. Out of these six teams, who will be advancing to the penultimate round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs?

Who is the Best Fantasy Football Quarterback to Choose First?

A few years ago, it was common for mainly running backs, wide receivers, and one or two tight ends to be picked in the first four or so rounds of a fantasy football draft. Now, with quarterbacks playing a more pivotal role on a fantasy team than ever, some quarterbacks go in the third or even second round.