Pierson Scheinberg

Pierson Scheinberg is a student who lives in California, and attends the College Preparatory School. Pierson lived in Baltimore, Maryland until August 2017 when he moved to the Bay Area. Pierson is an avid golfer who enjoys watching all sports. He is a writer and sports analyst for At the Buzzer.

At the Buzzer Predicts the NFC Wild Card Round

The Regular Season has come to a close, and it’s time for playoff football. With the new playoff format, there will be three Wild Card games per conference this upcoming weekend. Let’s look at how the Wild Card games for the NFC will play out.

Who Will Win the NFC East Division Title?

There is no debate that this year the NFC East is the worst division in the NFL. With a combined record of 11-28-1 in non-divisional games, the NFC East has been the laughing stock of the entire league. These teams have clinched the fact that the winner of the division and the fourth seed in the NFC playoffs will finish with a losing record, but the Giants have the chance to be the first team in NFL history to go 6-10 and make the playoffs. It seems that none of these teams are all that deserving of a playoff spot, but nevertheless, one team will earn the fourth seed on Week 17.

Which AFC Contender Will Miss the Playoffs?

The AFC Playoff Race is heating up, as we have five different teams with a record of 10-5 fighting for four playoff spots. Let’s take a look at how each team can get into the playoffs, and how At the Buzzer thinks the AFC playoffs will look as a result of our Week 17 matchups.

One Rivalry From Each Division Every NHL Fan should be Excited to See 8+ Times a Year

As the NHL previously announced, the NHL will realign its divisions for the 2021 NHL season which is to begin on January 13. To minimize the potential spread of the coronavirus, teams will only play other teams in their division. As a result of the 56-game regular season schedule, each team will play the others in their division 8 times a year. Here is one rivalry from each division that fans should be excited to see twice as much as usual.